Well here we go!

Hello all,

I want to introduce myself, my name is Kellie Malcolm. I am currently a mother of 2 young girls who are keeping me busy at home. I was born and raised on a dairy farm in Northern Victoria, Australia. Our farm has a 75 year history of showing pedigree Holstein cows. I worked on the farm all of my life as well as working as a dairy stock agent in Australia and Canada. I travelled the world from the age of 21 to 25 working on dairy farms in England, Scotland, Italy, Belguim, Switzerland, Canada and America.

For the last 15 years of my dairy farming life I constantly questioned what we were doing and was always trying to think of more harmonious ways of doing things.

I was putting so much time, money and effort into trying to keep animals healthy and for me that was a constant. Among the illnesses I dealt with I took the hoof care on myself as I couldn’t stand to see them hobbling off down the lane. This took it’s toll on my body, probably the most of all the work. I found myself working massive hours and not feeling like I was combatting the problems. I was also thinking back to how we did it when I was young and never remembered putting so much time into illness of stock and land. Back when we were smaller and less stressed. 

So my intention for this blog is not to be coming from a what’s right and what’s wrong. I am coming from a love of people and animals and I see the constant struggle of farmers trying their best to keep their animals happy and healthy often to their own detriment. I am hoping to offer new ideas and maybe plants some seeds for new ways of doing things. Some of the ways are the old ways too that we have been pushed away from by the big corporations wanting to make more money from the seed, chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs and so on. They have been very successful if you ask me. I hope you enjoy reading this and I thank you for taking time out of your very busy day to read my blog.

Much love to you all and your beautiful cows.


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